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Babies are the one of the precious happiness for us. They can bring us joy with the cuteness and the naughtiness that they have. They are all dependent on us and it is our responsibility to take care of our babies. When it’s feeding time or rolling on the bedtime or just bathing time, care is very much important. The baby hooded towel that is usually used for the babies is one of the best things that you can wrap your baby in after the bath time is over.

What's Baby Hooded Towel for Kids?

Baby hooded towels are the towels for babies that can actually wrap the baby in them so that the baby gets dry by soaking in all the water from the wet body of the baby and also keeping the baby in complete comfort.

The baby hooded towels are also known as bath wraps because they actually wrap the baby completely. These hooded towels are good in covering the baby from the head as they have hoods and also the complete body as they are bigger than the size of the baby.

Benefits of Bamboo Hooded Towel For Your Kids

  • There is a need of the thick, soft and warm towels that can wrap the baby completely and give them the warmth after they are out of the water when their bathing time is over. The bamboo hooded towels for the kids are the best that you can ever give them or wrap them into.
  • These are the softest baby towels that you will ever feel and running your hands through them is definitely going to make you switch to the bamboo baby towels for your lovely kids. The bamboo fibers are smooth naturally and there is no chemical treatment required for making them smooth. The gentle softness of such baby towels is really important for the babies because the skin of the babies is much more delicate than the skin of the adults.
  • The towels are quite large like 1170 square inches with a thick and plush bamboo cloth that can dry off your baby really quick and softly. These towels are the absorbents as well. The absorbency and size actually matter because the baby cannot regulate their own body temperature like we adults can do. So, warm the little baby up when the bay is all set for shivering after the bath. These large towels quickly warm the baby up as they have absorbent and thick cloth. The hoods are really helpful as they can cover the head of your baby when it becomes really cold after the bath.
  • The bamboo fibers are actually mercerized and that makes these towels really durable that they can handle the machine wash easily. The towels might get much softer after they are washed than they were before the washing. Mercerization also helps in increasing the resistance to mildew which is actually important for a bath product.
  • Bamboo is a renewable resource as it can re-grow quickly and with this, it is actually great for land usages. Bamboo is such fabric for the babies whose warmth and softness they are going to love after the bath. The bamboo baby hooded towels are actually large, eco-friendly, machine washable and just perfect for the delicate and soft skin of your baby.

Great Features Of This Product

Organic and Antibacterial

The towels are made up of totally bamboo which means that they are thermal regulating, organic because made up of bamboo and highly breathable.

They are without the touch of dyes, toxins, chemicals and with that, they are also resistant to odors, molds and mildews and are actually healthy, antibacterial and really beneficial for the babies with the allergies or some sensitive eczema skin and to those who are prone to the skin rashes after numerous washings.

Softest and Most Absorbent

These towels are the softest and absorbent ones to keep your babies dry and absorb the extra moisture. They can insulate your babies as the babies cannot regulate their own thermal temperature on their own in such tender ages after they are cold by the bathing.

The Ideal Sizes

The babies grow and the towels do not. So, there are the ideal sizes for the babies that can cover almost all the babies present. You just have to wrap the baby properly and let the baby feel the warmth of the towel after the bath.

Pros and Cons of Famikool Baby Hooded Bath Towels

Everything comes with some advantages and disadvantages. But I don’t have a single point for this Famikool Baby Hooded Towel which I can put under the disadvantage of buying the product. So, let’s check the out advantages:


  • Organic & Antibacterial: This bamboo hooded towel is made organically, which means no use of chemicals, harmful dyes, and toxic things are there in this product. Since it’s an organic product, it is antibacterial and good for baby’s skin too.
  • Very soft and good absorbent: This product is very soft, and being made of the highest quality materials, works as a good absorbent too
  • Covers the whole body: With the ideal size, this towel is capable to wrap and cover the whole body of a baby.
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied: If you are not happy with the product, you can claim for a 100% money back.


  • This hooded towel for kids has size 30x30 inch so it only perfect for baby from new born to 3 years old.

Some Tips For You While Using This Product

There are just four steps that you can use and they will help cradle your baby in a calming comfort after a bathing time.

  • Place the bay wrap down rightly on the flat surface which is soft enough to not hurt your baby. Keep the baby wrap in a way as such the hood is at the top and both the straps are facing outwards. Now, place your baby on it in the center with the head of the baby tucked in the hood.
  • Now, wrap the bottom of the baby hooded towel up the baby’s feet. If your baby is a bit older, let the feet hang outside.
  • After the head and feet are placed, place the left arms of the baby at the elbow flat that is against their body. Taking the left side of the bath wrap, wrap it across the chest of your baby.
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    The final step is that you have to repeat the step 3 with the right arm of your baby and the bath wrap.

Your baby is all set and tucked in the warmth of the baby hooded towel now.


See, the babies are the most delicate humans present on the earth and proper care must be given to their skin. So that they are at ease and feeling no rough cloth along their skin, the delicate fabricated baby hooded towel is important for them as there are no disadvantages for this product and your baby will be feeling the perfect warmth with the gentle softness of the towel.

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